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Independent Living Preview

Independent Living Preview - Kota Connections inc.

Giving clients the opportunity to see what living independently would be like without signing a lease

Kota Connections offers a highly innovative program for clients thinking about moving out onto their own. Clients can stay at an apartment that Kota Connections rents for up to 7 days at a time to have an assessment completed on their skills of living on their own. The cost of this program to the client/family is $250 for the rent and apartment bills for the week. The client will also be responsible for the groceries or the week that will be purchased with staff on the first night at the apartment. No staff stay at the apartment so each client must be willing and able to spend nights there by themselves. They will receive a phone number they can call if they have any needs or issues that arise.

This program is very flexible, and person centered. It is directed by the client and their team with what they would like to have assessed during the week. Kota Connections staff provide up to 3 check ins per day to complete the assessments necessary. An information meeting is necessary to gather any information that may be needed by both families and Kota Connections. Activities of Daily Living are not something that Kota Connections assists with.

The goal of this program is to keep life the same as it is or replicate what life would be like when the client is on their own. Therefore, if they have a PCA who sees them, Kota Connections would have no problem with those meetings to still happen. If someone has a job, they are asked to continue to work their schedule and NOT take the week off. We are trying out best to give the client the best idea of what living independently would look like.

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