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Services Provided By Kota Connections, Inc.

Apartment Checks

Apartment Checks - Kota Connections inc.

Assisting in improving independent living skills for adults with Disabilities

Our apartment checks are for people who live on their own, staff provide apartment checks to visit the clients and assist as needed between one and two times each week. 

Our staff work with all our clients and there are no one-on-one staff assigned to clients. All our staff are trained to work with all our clients. 

Our apartment checks are unique and different than most companies. Our staff runs through a series of questions and programs based on each client and their desires for assistance. 

Our checks last from 15 to 30 minutes. Staff also take clients grocery shopping with apartment checks and the shopping trips can last up to 1 hour. 

These visits are short and to the point to enable the clients to use their remaining budget for our activities as well. 

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